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Costing & Pricing

Finding the real cost and value of research to both the funder and the university can be complex and time-consuming.

Managing multiple projects, funder guidelines, providers on different payment structures, varying time frames, changing suppliers, different dates, times and currencies requires a dynamic and powerful management tool.

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ResearchMaster’s Project Costing and Pricing Management Solution allows researchers to determine the project cost and price based on individual funding guidelines. It is a fully integrated web-based costing and pricing tool designed for researchers. This powerful system can deliver:

  • The ability to refine and manage changes throughout the life of a project through recasting and auditing,
  • Minimal data entry through integrated forms and finance systems,
  • Maximum accuracy by applying pre-configured funding rules, salary rates and indexation,
  • Depending on configuration, can allow for variances at project and fund source level.
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