Data Cleansing

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Data Cleansing

When your business has multiple sources updating records, it can seem impossible to avoid and eliminate duplicate records. Duplicate records can impact your marketing campaign attribution and can affect business performance, cloud analytics and gives customers the wrong message (literally!).

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What’s the real cost of dirty data?

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Duplicate Records

Compromised Address Fields

Incorrect Phone Numbers

Invalid Email Addresses

Your Data Partner

Data Partner

With DCA as your data partner, you can safely merge leads and dedupe records for accurate attribution, reporting and analytics. Our service includes:

  • Examination of all current data, all data sources and identification of key duplication sources,
  • Identification of potential duplicate leads and the resolution path using complex merge logic,
  • Compilation of exclusion data,
  • Data cleanse and merge on a project basis or we can establish an ongoing, automatic data cleansing service.
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Benefits of DCA Data Cleansing services includes:

  • Improved customer experience by sending the right message to the right person at the right time,
  • High quality data leads to a reduction in  costly and wasteful mail and dispatch costs,
  • No risk of data loss,
  • Real-time deduplication keeps your MA database dupe-free at all times.
  • Ensures CAN-SPAM compliance,
  • Improves the effectiveness of nurture campaigns,
  • Increases the accuracy of  information shared with sales, product development and finance departments.
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