Parking Sensors

Long exposure of city streets at night
Make cities more liveable with Sentinel.

Sentinel Sensors

DCA are the innovative developers of Sentinel Sensor which is a leading tool that allows real-time parking occupancy data to be used for community way-finding, the analysis of occupancy rates and parking management.

The growing demand for finite parking spaces means municipalities need to more accurately account for and manage parking in a more accessible and equitable manner. By controlling access to parking spaces, Council can create a more liveable and sustainable city.

Long exposure motion blur of city streets at night
Sentinel Sensors


Sentinel Sensors gather real-time data that helps Council to craft policies and dynamic strategies that address driver behaviour such as:

  • Vehicles entering cities when parking facilities are full,
  • Vehicles circling streets looking for available parking,
  • Added movement that increases traffic congestion,
  • Increased kilometres travelled generating further pollutants.

By managing parking demand and supply in a more effective manner, these issues can be reduced or removed entirely.

Long exposure of city streets at night


Sentinel features include
  • Provides information on under-utilised parking areas that can be shared with the public,
  • Sensors are programmed and re-calibrated over the air,
  • Subterraneous, discreetly and securely buried underground,
  • Dual powered solar and battery relays fit discreetly onto council sign posts, charge with ambient sunlight and communicate wirelessly with sensors. This then relays real-time parking status to our integrated analytics platform,
  • Configurable reports allow for a variety of daily management and long term uses including analysing traffic flow, usage planning and community requirements,
  • Real-time heat mapping of overstays with full integration to our Mobile Enforcement guides officers to overstays,
  • Australian manufactured and designed for local conditions.


Sentinel benefits for Council include
  • Detailed reporting on parking occupancy to help inform policy and infrastructure planning,
  • Live real-time guidance to available parking, improving traffic flow and environmental impact,
  • Effective assessment of parking policy based on real parking behavior data,
  • Precise and consistent recording of events such as vehicle arrivals and departures as auditable traces, providing the empirical evidence required to uphold infringements in court,
  • Effective planning of officer patrols based on comprehensive, real-world data,
  • Addresses occupational health and safety issues,
  • Increased officer productivity and elimination of tyre chalking,
  • Allows wireless alterations to parking business rules (hours of operation, time restrictions).

Make your city more liveable with Sentinel.

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