Environment Sensors

Long exposure of city streets at night
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Environmental Sensors

Environment Sensors

DCA are future-focused developers of Environmental Sensors which is a leading tool that facilitates data collection and effective management of environmental factors. Environmental factors have a major impact on the health and wellbeing of communities; by measuring environmental factors and managing parking supply and demand Council can encourage environmentally positive outcomes.

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Long exposure of city streets at night
DCA Environmental Sensors
Long exposure blurred motion of highway traffic at night

DCA Environmental Sensor Solutions
have these features

  • The Sensors are designed to be fitted to DCA’s existing street-mounted relays
  • A Bluetooth beacon facility allows for future interoperability.

DCA Environmental Sensor Solutions offers these benefits

The Sensors provide environmental monitoring of five significant factors CO2, noise, light, temperature and humidity and ensures that effective controls are in place to quickly make changes to alter output.

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Long exposure of city streets at night