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Make cities smarter with DCA Analytics

DCA are leaders in providing state-of-the-art data analytics to our clients. Our soon to be released City Analytics product brings all your essential mobility data together in one intuitive platform to identify both the cause and solution for traffic, city and parking challenges.

Your Council or University can become a Smart City and a data-driven organisation. A data-driven organisation accesses and understands operational information in real-time, and this is used to make informed decisions about your municipality’s use of finite resources such as land, parking spaces and time.

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DCA City Analytics features will include
  • Geographical data is displayed to assist in visualisation of the traffic movement and provide greater planning capabilities,
  • Collation of many data sets, including PinForce, ePermits and IMaaS,
  • Reporting depicting the density of PINs issued throughout each hour of the day to highlight hot spots,
  • An infringement trend report which indicates the number of infringements issued each day and providing a simple trendline for analysis.  The date slider below the report makes it quick and easy to zoom in to a particular date range.


DCA City Analytics will improve the user experience
  • Easy-to-create dashboards that are highly customisable, with a simple click, drag and drop functionality,
  • Users can create their own custom reports on the fly, simply by selecting the fields they wish to view and adding them to their data set with a simple drag and drop process.  Various charts, tables and graphs can then be generate with ease and saved for later use,
  • Reports can be exported into various formats including Excel and PDF, or simply printed directly from City Analytics. Reports can also be shared with other users or broadcasts created to email reports at a frequency specified.

Be one of the first to realise the benefits

  • Make it easy for anyone to explore data and discover how to optimise business performance,
  • Deliver operational excellence through data insights,
  • Discover valuable insights to craft an intelligent parking strategy using dashboards,
  • Monitor your organisation’s parking flow via dashboards so your team members can get answers and resolutions quickly,
  • Experience truly interactive data exploration and uncover fresh insights with filters, brushing, series selection, drill downs and much more.

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DCA are established leaders in the development of technology that assists councils to better interact with, manage and shape the behaviour of the people who use parking and city resources.

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