Smart City Mobility Solutions

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Continuous innovators

Smart City Mobility Solutions

DCA are leaders and continuous innovators at the forefront of Smart City Mobility Solutions. Our clients have access to technology, data and systems that help them make informed decisions to maximise the use of limited resources like land, parking spaces and roads, and minimise wasted time, cost and delays.

As the preferred data and technology partner of over 200 municipalities in Australia and New Zealand, DCA has pioneered many of the existing smart city, parking and mobility technologies currently available in Australasia. We invest heavily in research and development to keep innovating towards fully connected and automated mobility.

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DCA Smart City

DCA Smart City
Mobility Technology

DCA Smart City Mobility Technology is the solution for our time. Over 70% of Australians live in cities; that’s a staggering amount of pressure on the cost of living, the environment, jobs, health, safety and the time it takes to get around. That’s also a huge amount of data.

We help overcome mobility challenges within cities by gathering and analysing the huge amount of data that is available within cities. We turn the data analysis into powerful insights, which are then used by governments to make informed decisions how to best use limited resources to make life better for the community.

DCA Smart Mobility & Parking

Our approach

Our approach to smart mobility and parking management is to form a strong partnership with our clients. We work closely with our clients to understand their particular challenges, objectives and vision. We then design an integrated solution that encompasses the appropriate suite of technology, data management and other services to manage any aspect of smart mobility, city operations or parking operations. Our solutions are flexible and responsive to our client’s needs and so we can add and connect solutions as the community needs or project scope changes.

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DCA Cities delivers a smarter future for communities

  • Smart mobility sensor technology
  • Mobile way-finding and payment applications
  • Digital permit technology
  • Infringement issuing technologies, management and processing
  • Specialist parking officers and intelligent patrol planning methodology
  • Smart mobility data analytics
Real-time analytics

Connected technology

Our connected technology suite not only integrates our smart city parking and mobility technology to provide real-time analytics, it also connects to on-street meter providers, variable messaging signage and off-street parking partners to offer a seamless parking experience for the community and highly scalable end-to-end solutions for Council.

Connected parking technology by DCA also seamlessly integrates our PinForce enforcement suite of products to offer a fully connected, infringement grade, parking technology ecosystem and deliver economic and financial return to the municipality and the community.

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Our Goals

We see our technology as a means to an end. The goal is to help Council make cities more liveable, to improve the quality of life for the community, to reduce costs and, with insight and intelligence, prepare for the continuously evolving and changing needs of the community and the environment within cities.

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DCA’s technology

  • Is installed in 200+ cities, universities and airports in Australia and New Zealand
  • Has been selected by 28 of the 30 largest authorities
  • Is trusted by 2,500 parking and management officers

DCA is also a market leader and leading provider in the following areas

  • Data quality and data management solutions
  • Research management solutions in Australia and New Zealand
  • B2B marketing data and intelligence

Make cities work
with PayStay

PayStay is our community-centric smartphone application that allows drivers to search parking availability by time restriction, price and location and digitally pay for their parking. PayStay also guides users to vacant parking spaces using their smartphone’s mapping system.

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Smart City Mobility Solutions

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