Parking Sensors

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Make parking fair and accessible to everyone

Parking Sensors

DCA’s Sentinel Parking Sensors provide one of the leading and most accurate data collection solutions in the Australian market. Sentinel is an integrated infringement issuing system that uses infringement-grade sensors buried underground to report on the status of parking spaces.

DCA’s Sentinel sensor system is more than an electronic chalking machine. It provides comprehensive reporting on parking occupancy, utilisation, compliance, non-compliance and turnover. This allows accurate measurements of on-street and off-street parking to be made for the first time, giving insight into parking problems and intelligence to develop future focussed strategies. 

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Every site using Sentinel sensors has reported significant improvements in parking compliance. This product has been used successfully by a wide range of Australian Councils, with over 35,000 sensors currently in operation across 13 local government organisations.

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How Sentinel Works

Sentinel sensors detect vehicle movements by means of a solid state magnetic compass (electromagnetics), and support interoperability and integration with a range of products.  This includes demonstrated ability to interact with:

  •   Officer handheld infringement devices (via App)
  •   City parking management platforms
  •   Metering devices
  •   Pay by Phone Apps
  •   Parking Guidance Apps
  •   Dynamic signage

Sensor collected data is able to be communicated directly to parking officer handhelds and communicated to the City’s systems via our relay system in real-time. 

Long exposure of city streets at night
Sentinel sensors


  • Subterraneous, discreetly and securely buried underground,
  • Sensors are protected from cyber-attack through all communications from the sensors being encrypted with 128-key XTEA encryption. All communications over the IoT ‘cloud’ are secured via VPN to the client’s data server,
  • Tested and developed in Australia, all components meet relevant Australian requirements, including ACMA, safety and electromagnetic compatibility standards,
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions.

Seamless & Real-Time

  • Sensors are programmed and re-calibrated over the air,
  • Seamless integration with PayStay and PinForce enforcement suite,
  • Real-time data analytics,
  • Precise bay-by-bay event tracking,
  • Wireless alterations to parking business rules e.g. hours of operation & time restrictions.


Benefits of Sentinel sensors are:

  • Detailed real-time analytics of every parking bay,
  • Live real-time guidance to available parking, improving traffic flow and environmental impact,
  • Significant officer efficiency improvements that are measurable within weeks of installation,
  • Tamper and vandalism proof subterraneous deployment,
  • Sensor accuracy ensures judicial certainty,
  • Effective assessment of parking policy with comprehensive real-time reporting,
  • Eliminates tire chalking,
  • Improve work practices and OH&S for officers,
  • Allows wireless alterations to parking business rules (hours of operation, time restrictions, etc.).
Long exposure of city streets at night