PinForce LPR

Long exposure motion blur of city streets at night

PinForce LPR

DCA PinForce LPR is a breakthrough in mobile parking management and compliance

PinForce Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) technology combines advanced high speed digital cameras together with GPS and sophisticated optical character recognition software. This neatly packaged, compact system manages the ever increasing parking demands on a finite resource by using technology to automate many time-consuming tasks.

PinForce LPR Automates

  • Reading a parked vehicle number plate while simultaneously taking pictures of the parked vehicle,
  • Searching a database hotlist for residential permits, warnings, vehicles of interest and stolen vehicles,
  • Providing electronic ’chalking for each vehicle it passes and automatically alerting the officer to any offending vehicle after a second pass once the parking restriction has lapsed,
  • Integrating with PinForce Mobile.
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PinForce LPR features includes

  • A user-friendly interface allows organisations to deploy PinForce LPR with a minimum of training,
  • Seamless integration with PinForce Mobile, ePermits, PayStay and selected leading meter providers,
  • All images are saved in the event that an infringement is challenged,
  • Intuitive, ruggedised touch screen tablet,
  • Extensive customisation to read Australian and New Zealand number plates,
  • Electronic chalking on first pass with automatic alerting to the officer of offending vehicles on the second pass,
  • PinForce LPR is easy to deploy, is suited to a range of vehicle types and can be moved from one vehicle to another. Cameras can be fixed to the vehicle in a number of ways including window mounting, magnet, and suction or fixed mounting,
  • Officers have the option of issuing offences on the spot or returning to the offence and synchronising as they currently do with Wi-Fi, or issuing an offence by mail at the end of the day.
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Long exposure of city streets at night

Connected Technology

PinForce LPR connects to a variety of on-board databases enabling a wide range of parking and vehicle compliance issues to be managed simultaneously including:

  • Reading parked vehicles number plates
  • Capturing vehicle GPS coordinates
  • Delivering real-time checks of parking permits, PayStay and meter payments


PinForce LPR systems offer the industry a wide range of benefits, especially those with small pockets of high parking problem areas across large geographies:

  • Automation many officer functions and improved work practices,
  • Real-time comprehensive reporting when connected to PinForce providing a single view of infringement activities, eliminating the need for data entry,
  • Automates many traditional time consuming tasks associated with infringement functions,
  • Extensive customisation to read Australian and New Zealand number plates offers increased accuracy,
  • Ability to scan over 1,000 vehicles in an hour in almost any weather conditions during the day and in low light,


Long exposure of city streets at night

Looking for Integrated LPR?

PinForce integration includes providing a single comprehensive reporting system to view all your infringement activities and integrated Penalty Infringement Notice management systems for managing evidentiary data. Contact our specialists today

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