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DASH is an offence detection service comprising vehicle-mounted cameras and back-office systems to enforce stopping-related infringements. The DASH system provides a safe and efficient way of changing driver behaviour by capturing stopping-related offences that normally go undetected as they are often brief and in potentially dangerous locations.

DASH enables organisations to enforce compliance on offences presenting the greatest safety risk to safety and traffic flow in communities including stopping in school zones and intersections, parking in clearways, taxi, sweeping and loading zones.

Provided to customers as a fully-managed service, the system includes vehicles fitted with customised cameras certified to Australian Design Standards. Data files produced are uploaded to a back-office system for evaluation of offences and processing of infringement notices.

Long exposure of a highway at night
Long exposure of highway traffic at night


The DASH system features include
  • High-resolution photographs of the offence for enforcement,
  • Produces court-quality evidence for enforcement including digitally time-stamped photographs of the offence occurring
  • Interfaces with the NOVA Rev app for Android to transfer images from the camera
  • Detection and enforcement of offences takes place from camera-equipped vehicle which can be moving or stationary.
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The DASH system benefits include
  • Easily integrated into existing parking management programs,
  • Can be integrated into existing Council fleet vehicles
  • Allows comprehensive detection of dangerous stopping-related offences normally not captured by traditional monitoring methods
  • It produces high-resolution photographs of the offence for enforcement, which minimises the likelihood of costly court action through the quality of evidence recorded.
  • Detection and enforcement of offences takes place from camera-equipped vehicle which can be moving or stationary. As a result inspectors are not exposed to potential dangers from traffic and motorists when enforcing no-stopping zones.

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