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Infringement Management as a Service, or IMaaS, is a compliance management technology solution that delivers end-to-end processing of infringements. This is a fully integrated modular software package that smoothly processes parking and other local law infringements.

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IMaaS features include
  • Built on Microsoft’s .NET platform with a easy to use user interface,
  • Can integrate several systems such as on-street infringement capture, evidence gathering and management, correspondence handling, payment and collection services and reporting,
  • Customisable and configurable to meet the needs of a range of government and corporate customers,
  • Built-in correspondence management tools for processing inbound queries and outbound responses,
  • Can manage the issue, renewal and payment of permits & licenses.
  • The ability to manage evidence in a digital environment; parking officer note, images and voice recordings can all be attached directly to the corresponding infringement record for processions and legal procedures should they be necessary,
  • The ability to locate and liaise with people to recover debt from unpaid infringements.
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IMaaS benefits include
  • Modular and configurable to suit your needs over time,
  • Incredibly efficient, IMaaS decreases administrative time and cost,
  • Is available either as a hosted software service or installed in-house on our client’s own networks, the .NET platform means IMaaS is modular, robust, highly configurable to meet your requirements,
  • Management of all correspondence including issuing original infringement notifications for mail distribution, receiving inbound responses from the public and managing template-driven replies relating to offences.,
  • The user interface is user friendly and integrates easily with existing devices and systems for compliance management,
  • The ability to combine several systems into a single process delivers increased efficiency.
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