Parking & City Management

Long exposure of city streets at night
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Parking & City Management

DCA are established leaders in the development of technology that assists councils to better interact with, manage and shape the behaviour of the people who use parking and city resources.


Long exposure of city streets at night
Long exposure of highway traffic at night

What we offer

Our clients trust us to assist them solutions that help them design intelligent strategies for compliance, parking and city management. We offer: 

  • Integrated parking and city management solutions
  • Compliance solutions
  • Infringement issuance
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Devices
  • Parking sensors
  • Images online
  • Licence Plate recognition
  • IMaaS- Infringement Management
  • Cloud Services

About Us

Since 2001 DCA has specialised in parking management and civic management and compliance solutions with our PinForce and PayStay products.  

Continual reinvestment and enhancement in PinForce has resulted in the development of a sophisticated suite of parking management technologies that has revolutionised the way people manage and interact with finite resources like parking spaces, land and roads.

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