DCA Cities selected to deliver Randwick City Council’s Smart Parking Solutions Project

An integrated smart parking package to make parking easier at Coogee Beach will be delivered by Database Consultants Australia (DCA) after recently being appointed by Randwick City Council following a competitive tender process and assessment.

The contract will see DCA partner with Council to implement an integrated smart parking package designed to reduce congestion and make parking easier and more equitable for the community. The solution will include DCA’s innovative sensor technology, pay-by-smartphone technology PayStay for digital payment and wayfinding, wayfinding digital signage, parking occupancy cameras and integrated pay-by-plate meters.

This fully integrated suite of systems will be a NSW first, combining all technologies to create operation and customer experience improvements across the coverage area.

DCA Director of Cities, Sandy Del Papa said Randwick City Council have been DCA customers for PinForce Mobile since 2007, and through adopting this suite of technologies, will revolutionise their parking management program.

“We are pleased that our end-to-end parking management solution was chosen to assist the city in achieving its ‘sense of community’ vision” Mr Del Papa said.

Randwick City Council were awarded funding under the Australian Government Department of Industry, Regional Development and Cities Smart Cities and Suburbs program (Coogee Smart Beach; and Integrated Smart Parking System: Emerging and Shared Approaches).

The project is set to be industry leading and instrumental in council’s digital journey. The chosen technology also offers the ability to integrate complementary smart city technologies as required.

Randwick residents are set to benefit from an enhanced parking experience particularly with PayStay. The innovative app with an extensive user base,  not only allows people to search and navigate to available parking, but also to only pay for only the time they use, and remotely manage parking payments without the need to handle cash. PayStay also gives people access to valuable reminder services, all managed from their smartphone.

For more information contact: Kristy Cook (03) 8317 8175 or communications@data.com.au

About Randwick City Council

Randwick City Council is a local government authority in Sydney’s eastern suburbs stretching from Centennial Park to Botany Bay. Randwick City Council is a recognised as a leader in technical innovation, and are responsible for the management of several high demand parking areas. Their Smart City Strategy adopted in 2018 has set about taking advantage of technological and societal changes to assist in realising their vision to build ‘a sense of community’.

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